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Pneuline Supply Online

Pneuline Supply, Inc. is a Manufacturer of Plastic Valves and an International Supplier of Quality Fluidic & Pneumatic Components. Our product lines include: Bulkheads, Check Valves, Filters, Luers, Orifices, Miniature Barbed Connectors, Restrictors, Mufflers, Tubing and Clamps and more. Pneuline Supply was formed to provide an array of products under one roof to the OEM and Distributor Market. With over ten years of experience in the Pneumatics Industry, we are striving to provide you the information you deserve and take the guesswork out of searching numerous suppliers for your pneumatic and fluidic needs.


We are pleased to provide an online product catalog for your immediate convenience. You may also download our print catalog in .pdf format. Contact us for pricing and availability on products as well as to discuss any unique requests or specifications you may have. Custom molding and Laser labeling are among our capabilities that can fit your special product requirements to create unique parts and assemblies.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified